Mobile Home Page Redesign
The Objective

Spacer is a marketplace for storage and parking space. Hosts and renters use the website to connect and make transactions

The initial brief was to redesign the following 3 pages:

1. Host Landing Page


2. How Spacer works for Renters


3. How Spacer works for Hosts


Making it easier for users to advertise and rent space on a peer-to-peer marketplace platform
Business Goals

While we were given the task of redesigning the above three pages, it was essential to investigate the business goals to understand why these pages are a problem. We could then learn how to bring success to Spacer by solving the underlying issue. 


After conducting three stakeholder interviews and a business model canvas, we revealed the two business goals were:

  • Recruit more hosts to increase supply in the Spacer marketplace

  • Raise awareness of Spacer's platform and make it a "household" brand name aligned with trust, value, convenience and security


Spacer's platform succeeds with the growth of its marketplace. We then knew we would have to learn about the customer journey of becoming a Spacer user.

What do customers want?

We then set out to uncover customer goals, motivations, behaviours and frustrationsA total of 9 hosts and renters of storage and parking, as well as non-users, were interviewed and given the existing website to test.



  • trust

  • value

  • convenience

  • security


Host goals

  • complete a listing

  • learnt the value of using Spacer and how to complete a listing


Renter goals

  • know straight away that Spacer is a service for both storage and parking

  • learn the value of using Spacer and how to reserve a storage/parking space





Google Analytics revealed that in September 2017, users were entering the website domain via:

  • 25% landing on the "home page"

  • 9.0% landing on the "parking page" (a version of the home page for parking)

  • 4.4% landing on the "host landing page"

  • an equal amount of users were using Mobile and Desktop (approximately 45% each). They were spending on average 2 minutes and 5 and a half minutes respectively on a session

Revised Project Brief
Create a clear navigation for the Spacer mobile website and structure the content so it is easy to find. This aims to increase conversion and give users a simple way to create a listing/reservation while educating them on why and how to use Spacer. 
A deeper understanding of the Experience

It was important to understand the intricate details of the customer experience. I went through the process of creating a listing myself. Research data from interviews, user tests and my own contextual inquiry were used to construct 4 Persona profiles and User Journeys:



Designing the Solution

Based on the pain and opportunities of users from the research data, the required features to be designed were prioritised for the design of the mobile website solution:



Testing the Logic and Content of different designs

Prototype #1 tested logic with 3 non-users

  • Users were able to locate "create listing" call-to-action easily

  • Users did not want to click on "more info"

Prototype #2 tested content structure and different appearances of the homepage (A/B test) with 5 non-users

  • Content structure based on what users felt was important to them from interviews

  • Users did not want to click on "need help"

  • Users liked equal weighting on "rent" and "host" call-to-actions and wanted information on how to rent/host in the process of doing the task



Prototype #3 incorporated feedback from previous designs. 

  • Requires further quantitative testing of high numbers to confirm success of achieving conversion



Interactive Final Prototype
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