Proposal Writing


I worked with a senior researcher to draft a Project Proposal for Orchard. Though the proposal was required paperwork, it was useful in communicating responsibilities and expectations from all parties involved to achieve project completion by the agreed deadline.

  • All 6 participants to be recruited by Galderma for back-to-back sessions on one day

  • Sessions were held at Galderma's laser clinic office and so we required a quiet area to avoid distractions (also because the sessions were to be screen and webcam recorded)


  • The final deliverable was clearly defined as a report with pain points and opportunities illustrated by screenshots and quotes


  • Agreeing on a timeline with key dates for recruitment, prototype completion, discussion guide, usability test, analysis and delivery

I drafted a timeline with roles and responsibilities communicating when things needed to be done in order to meet project deadline

Confirmation and Purchase Order


Due to client delays to project kick-off, I drafted a Project Confirmation document with agreed updates to the timeline, notably to discuss a non-disclosure agreement for participants and to have a 'test-run' session with Orchard. The test-run was a crucial step in aligning what was to be focussed on in the real test sessions.

"From a project management perspective, it was important for me to get the Project Confirmation and Purchase Order signed off asap to ensure we would be paid for our work."

Excerpt from the Project Confirmation with an updated timeline, including

signing-off on the NDA and a meeting with Orchard for a test-run

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